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"The Q2100 and nanoCLEAR AR has helped level the playing field against the corporate optical giants and "big box" optical boys." <more>
Dr. Daniel Quon
Costa Mesa, CA
"The lenses are very accurate and patients are very happy with their lenses and they keep coming back." <more>
Anthony Flores
Hobbs, NM
"The system is perfect for making a satisfied patient every time and a lens that lasts as long, if not longer, than the lenses from our partnering labs." <more>
Allison Jones
Manhattan, KS
"The technology has the added benefit of decreased lab costs and has made patients happier not having to wait for their eyewear." <more>
Dr. Bart Brady
Cabot, AR
"Patients are happy when they can get a high quality lens in a short amount of time." <more>
Robert Perez
Woodlands, TX
"This technology allows us to provide improved customer support with a noticeable costs savings for the practice" <more>
Brian Hawthrone
Oneida, NY
"The simplicity, economy and convenience of the Optical Dynamics equipment is perfect for my business." <more>
Fabian Valle
Caguas, Puerto Rico
"Our in-office optical laboratory has the ability to produce many of our own ophthalmic lenses, including even more complex, progressive addition lenses, photochromic and even anti-reflective lenses." <more>
Lynn Bohlender
Englewood, OH
"Meet our customers and let the Q-2100 Digital Lens System work for you." <more>
"It's the quality of the prescriptions that has sold me on continuing the use of this approach versus an outside lab," <more>
John Diehl
Hanover, PA
"I love the speed of the lens production process." <more>
Angel Miller
Cynthiana, KY
"Optical Dynamics Customer Bascom Palmer Receives Top Ophthalmology Award" <more>
"We have used some of the biggest AR names on the market and this is just as good as the competition." <more>
Taylor Sanders
Dundee Michigan
"The patients really like the lens quality and appreciate our in office lens capability" <more>
Mary Sheedy
Morris, IL
"Patients are very happy with the lightness and clarity of the lenses." <more>
Shirley Holmes
"I love everything about the turnkey system really. It's quick and easy to use once you learn it." <more>
Sheri Brashears
Seminole, OK
"One of the best investments in my practice was the Optical Dynamics system, and I'd share that with any colleague that asks me. The fast turnaround, being able to make a progressive lens in less than an hour, is a perk and a money-maker." <more>
Dr. Kyle Jones
Tucker, GA
"I really can't say enough about this process versus the average retailer. We produce a better quality set of lenses, in less time, at an economical price. Everyone wins." <more>
Kelly Bartmess
"The equipment from Optical Dynamics works for us because it offers a quick turnaround for patients and lower overall costs." <more>
Dr. James Brooks
Columbus, MS
"The Optical Dynamics progressive lens, produced with the Q-2100 Digital Lens System, provides consistent and strong optics for 99% of all patients coming in." <more>
Ken Usatch
Westchester, NY
"When I found the Optical Dynamics in-house Q-2100 digital lens production system, its sheer practicality appealed to me." <more>
Dr. Eric Thai
Baton Rouge, LA
"With the installation of this technology I am able to control my cost of goods for the first time. Most importantly, my patients are extremely satisfied with the delivery speed and optics of their new eyeglasses and we are pleased with their repeat business." <more>
Dr. Kerry Holt
El Paso, TX
"In January 2000, I purchased the Q-2100 Digital Lens System and can honestly say it's the nicest piece of practice enhancement technology I have seen in my 30 years in the industry." <more>
Dr. David Holliday
West Virginia
"We are saving up to $3,000 per month with our Optical Dynamics lens system. This is significant and we are very pleased. The outside labs were getting so high and our patients like the fact that we produce the lens in-house." <more>
Dr. Pete Wardell
"I have been using the Q-2100 for several months now & recently added the nanoCLEAR AR system to my business. I have been surfacing lenses for almost 30-years and was quite skeptical about the process at first; however, I must say that I am amazed at the quality & ease of operation of this technology. The Q-2100 system makes a better lens than I can produce from the normal surfacing process. To think that a doctor's office can produce a better lens than a full service lab is impressive. I would recommend the Q-2100 to anyone."
Paul Strenn, Lab Owner
Rhode Island
"We know the Q-2100 and nanoCLEAR AR unit pays for itself and it pays off on the bottom line." <more>
Ron Wilson
Salt Lake City, UT
"I love the new ultraSUN as they are darker than other photochromics. It gives our practice another avenue of something new to offer and this marketplace is so competitive, we've got to stay ahead." <more>
Steve Bernstein
Arlington Heights, IL
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