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Aspheric Single Vision
Traditional Finished Plastic +4.00 Lens ClearLight +4.00 w/edge to edge optics
Our aspheric single vision lenses have a super-thin profile with greatly improved optics, wider, clearer more usable viewing area and a more accurate prescription across the entire lens surface. Looking at the above lens plots it is easy to see that traditional manufacturing creates a "sweet spot" in the lens that is actually on power. The Q-2100R casting process delivers a lens that has edge-to-edge optics.
This represents a true premium upgrade for all your single vision wearers and your opportunity to improve your sales and margins by offering advanced lens designs.

The Aspheric Advantage
Traditional spherical lenses have steep curves, resulting in thicker lenses. Aspheric technology eliminates this problem by flattening the front curve. The result is a thinner, more comfortable and appealing lens. All your patients should be given the opportunity to experience the Aspheric Advantage.
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