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Digital Lens Production Process

The Q-2100TM Digital Lens System with nanoCLEARTM AR, is an improved method of making lenses with tighter tolerances and enhanced visual clarity. The proprietary digital process uses free form generated molds to create a finished Rx direct from liquid plastic, eliminating the need to cast a semi-finished blank that is later surfaced to the final prescription. The technology allows for the production of a full line of high index lenses in office, with or without anti reflective coating, while providing improved service, customer satisfaction, and business profitability.
In approximately 30 minutes for scratch coat, or 90 minutes for anti reflective or mirrors, you've made a lens that's ready to be edged and dispensed to the customer. From start to finish, the digital lens production process is very user friendly and is easily integrated into almost any optical business environment.
Enter RX
Clean & Coat
Assemble Mold
Finished Premium AR Progressive
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