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Profit Calculator
Take control with Optical Dynamics' Technology
Enter your current lab bill information in the boxes then click CALCULATE
Total dollar amount of lab bill for month
Total number of pairs for the month
0 Current average price per pair
Average cost per job for Optical Dynamics products
Jobs per month made with Q-2100 (90% of current total) 0
Equipment 0
Materials (monomer, AR, etc) 0
Average cost of Q-2100 job 0
Average savings compared to lab 0
0 Your Estimated 5 Year Savings
0 Your Estimated 1st Year Lab Bill Reduction
Lens Costs Using Optical Dynamics
0 New lab bill
0 Optical Dynamics equipment lease
0 Optical Dynamics materials
0 New monthly lens expense (years 2-5)
0 1st year net monthly lens expense after Additional Limited Time Savings
Additional Limited Time Savings
Section 179 Tax Benefit 2009 per Pair 0
Average net price per pair Q-2100 1st Year 0
National Average Assumptions for Premium Extras
Single Vision 50%
FTs 20%
Progressives 30%
Photochromics 20%
Premium AR Coatings 20%

This calculator is meant to provide a ballpark idea about the savings you might see using our technology. Every practice is different and volumes change from month to month. In order to get a more accurate projection, we will gladly perform an on-sight evalutation of your lab invoices. Your actual savings may be more or less.

Equipment price based on 60-month lease with a 1 buy-out.

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